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Your vehicle for the trip

With its comfortable seats and adjustable temperature control at the rear, the new MG RX5 is a high-performance, safe and silent transport vehicle for travelling in complete tranquillity.
The 600-litre load compartment is perfect for your biggest luggage and travel bags.

  • On-board Eftpos terminal - Pay for your trip using a credit card. Bottles of water - Keep dehydrated during transit. WIFI - Connect your phone or laptop.
Brand new
Our vehicle is renewed regularly to provide you with a maximum guarantee of safety.
Our vehicle is regularly checked and cleaned for your comfort during the trip.
Enjoy the sight with our panoramic roof and high visibility.
Your children will travel in complete safety with our booster car seat and baby seat.

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Some examples of information to provide

To ensure you get the best possible service, remember to give your private driver as much information as possible when booking.

Your phone number?

Being contactable is essential for an on-time pick-up or any other unforeseen event. The driver must be able to contact you.

Are you solo or in a group?

How many people will be on the route is an important information for the driver.

Do you have any children with you?

A child booster car seat or a baby car seat is available in the vehicle for a safe trip.

Do you have several destinations?

For shopping stops or viewpoint areas, this is very different from a direct route and is therefore information that should be indicated.

Do you have a lot of luggage?

Although the car boot has a large capacity, knowing whether a piece of luggage is unusually large can be useful information for the driver.

Other passengers to pick up?

Dropping off or picking up one of the passengers at an address other than the destination address means that the driver can be well organised.